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Cody S 117

Page history last edited by Cody S 117 6 years, 5 months ago

Gamertag: I GhostHammer I

Name: Cody          


Current Army: Red

Current Rank: General

Wars Active: Axis Vs Allies, Red vs Blue Wars, Red vs Blue Retaliation, FC, FC2, FCRB, FCRB2, FCRV1, FCRV2

Joined Community: March 16 2006

Current Status: Active

If You Had To Make A Party With 3 Other People: Killadawg, xXRazGriz, zZ Dr K Zz

Halo 2 Weapon Of Choice: M7 Caseless SMG

Halo 3 Weapon Of Choice: M75057 Defoliant Projector

Halo Reach Weapon Of Choice: MA3B Assault Rifle

Halo 2 Map Of Choice: Waterworks

Halo 3 Map Of Choice: Valhalla

Halo Reach Map Of Choice: Hemmorage 



Start Of Career



On March 16 2006, Cody S 117 joined the Allies in the "Allies vs Axis" conflict. Joining much later into the war, Cody S 117 only participated in a few minor battles before he found himself promoted to the rank of Sergeant and XO of a squad during the final few days of war. After the final battle ended, and many of the senior members leaving the community, Cody S 117 left with the majority to continue enjoying Halo 2.

Three months later, on June 24 2006, Cody S 117 was approached by an old solider from the "Allies vs Axis" conflict about a new war simulation clan that was about to be started. The clan in question was named "Red vs Blue Wars". After accepting the offer, Cody S 117 joined a party with three other recruits for his bootcamp, including Killadawg, Bkay, and Sciguy. After a long, and very tough bootcamp including multiple laps around Coagulation and hours of up-down drills, Cody S 117 graduated as a Private along with the other recruits. During the lobby after the bootcamp, xXRaz Griz discovered that Cody S 117 had been a Sergeant during the "Allies vs Axis" war and made him the first squad leader of RED army, promoting Cody S 117 to a Warrant Officer. Cody S 117's career in Red vs Blue Wars had just taken off.






As the clan grew, and more members continued to pour in, Cody S 117 soon found himself not just an officer, but a leader, and someone working to help manage a large community. Cody S 117 watched as his cousin and close friend Michael Bitansky (Killadawg) join alongside him at Warrant Officer. As the war progressed, Cody S 117 advanced in rank to Captain under the Red High Command of xXRazGriz, Black Dragonn, Lunar Ravens, Supafuz, and Doctor Tsunami. As the Red Leaders left, Cody S 117 pushed his way higher, achieving Major, Lt. Colonel, Colonel, and finally, the position of Major General. By this time, Red had lost the war and the second was already getting underway. Taking the chance to add in his own addition to the Red, Cody S 117 created, and successfully ran the "Red Army Medal And Award System" throughout the second and third Red vs Blue Wars. As the Red vs Blue Wars ended, talk of a new war began. As the new wars needed new leaders, Cody S 117 was promoted by xXRazGriz to Lieutenant General. Putting the "Red Army Medal And Award System" on hold, Cody S 117 now helped in the decisions that put Red Army to a victory. The victory was short lived for Cody S 117 however, as personal issues forced him to retire from his heavily involved roll as a member of High Command to a Command Sergeant Major, and eventually down into a non-active roll. He sat by and watched as new faces became the clan leaders and the Red vs Blue Wars slowly, at the release of Halo 3, turned into Forerunner Conflict 1.



Foerunner Conflict



As FC began, Cody S 117 managed to clear his plate and rejoin the wars as a Command Sergeant Major. Taking part in minor fighting alongside Red War Hero's such as "Eri Ri 1138", "RedLeader115", "Snackman90", and "KillerGUNNY132", Cody S 117 soon found himself up against impossible odds as The Blue Army had found themselves true warriors. As FC got into swing, Cody S 117 was dealt a blow as his original leader from every previous war, and his recruiter at the start, xXRazGriz announced his retirement. Seeing his old leader leave, Cody S 117 felt compelled to stay and watch over what xXRazGriz had created. This void left by xXRazGriz was left empty as many discussions and disputes took place about the replacement Red Field Marshal. After a poll and much talks, Cody S 117 was promoted to Field Marshal of Red Army. As Red Army was short a General, Cody S 117 asked One Diamond to fill the General spot out of respect, as he was the other candidate for Red Field Marshal at the time. Months went by, and the wars crept along until Cody S 117 realized he was no longer able to help run the community in such an active role. Releasing his rank to One Diamond, Cody S 117 announced his retirment.



Retired Years



After his retirement, Cody S 117 joined the forum administration team to help maintain and watch over the foums. A hard enforcer of respect, Cody S 117 was someone who not only asks for the idea to continue as a forefront of the clan, but demands it. Rather stiff and tough untill you know him, he can often be mistaken for a disrespectful jerk. Taking no crap form the more junior members of the clan, Cody S 117 can, on the other side of the coin, often be found joking around with the more senior members and War Veterens who, in his opinion, have proved their worth to their community and made their contributions. A strongly loyal and passionate War Vet to the "Ol Days", Cody S 117 always does what he believes what is right for the community as a whole, even if that action is sometimes seen as irrational and rushed.



Forerunner Conflict Reborn



On July 29th 2009, Cody S 117 officially re-enlisted into R.E.D.D. to continue his fight against the Blue Army. Having taken time off, and studied various new tactics, Cody S 117 looked forward to once again fighting side by side with old comrades and new ones, to help R.E.D.D. achieve victory. Currently rumored working on a classified project codenamed "Meteor" Cody S 117 was found constantly in Forge or speaking with experienced Halo players and War Veterens. Whispers about "Meteor" have surfaced after an intercpeted transmission between Cody S 117 and an unknown party. Speculated to be a classified project within R.E.D.D., it is unclear the importance or size of the project that even the at the time Red Field Marshal EriRi 118 was in the dark about. Cody S 117 neither confrims no denies these theories. Not long after revealing the project to the Red Army, Cody S 117's project was betrayed by the Red Field Marshal and METEOR was hijaked into a new direction. Purging the data from the Red HC Database, Cody S 117 took his project and joined the B.L.U.E. to bring them Project Meteor (Although it was never activated). After joining B.L.U.E. Cody S 117 was promoted to Major, and sortly after, to General as he found himself helping his old mentor Raz Griz, who had come back in Cody's breif retirement to continue his campaign in the community he created, to run and manage the B.L.U.E.



Fall Of FC Reborn


Halfway into the wars, the R.E.D.D. created and fielded a series of Spartan "Super Squads", seriously turning the tide of the war in their favour. Nearing the B.L.U.E. Capital, more and more unknown members continued to show, mercenaries and other war hungry troopers arrived, and protests soon followed. RazGriz soon left due to the unfairness and cheating by the R.E.D.D. The community torn in half, Cody S 117 spearheaded a movement to end the wars entirely as the fun, community that once was starting to die. In frustration, Cody S 117 left and disapeared, cutting all ties with Forerunner Conflict entirely. Shortly after RazGriz returned to rebuild once again, rumors surfaced that an old veteren may be re-joining to assist him in the reconstruction of the community.



Return Of Cody S 117 & End Of FC Reborn


Shortly after the return of Raz to the community as the FC Advisor, Cody S 117, now I GhostHammer I, returned at the request of Raz to be apart of the community before it's next major change. Not long after returning, the wars came to an end after a vicious battle between the armies HC, thus ending the era of Halo 3 wars.  Soon after, a new forum was launched and I GhostHammer I returned to a forefront role in running the community as Halo Reach came over the horizon, and a new era of conflict started within FC.



Forerunner Conflict Revolutions


Not long after Ghost returned, FC Revolutions was born. This new War Sim included many new features, most prominently, the ability for armies to purchase special equipment and call upon more reinforcements thus creating a balanced way for both sides to do battle. Returning as RE.D.D. Field Marshal, Ghost was quick to assess his troopers and was pleased to call upon many old comrades from the RVB conflicts to act as both his HC and his unit CO's. Once set up, Ghost took on a "backseat" role, allowing his veteren High Command to begin their work as the new RE.D.D. built itself and prepared for war against the B.L.U.E.



"Final" Retirement


On Janurary 14 2011, at 0130 hours pacific standard time, Ghost resigned as R.E.D.D. FM and went into his "final" retirement. After fighting for almost 5 years across 3 games and 10 total Wars, Ghost laid down his rifle as left the battlefield. He could be found on the Forums helping new members, and acting as a valuable counsol to the current FCRV leadership. Rumors say he inteneds to stay for life, and although many say his fighting days are over, Ghost was once quoted saying "If the right circumstances align, and the right enemy presents itself, I will not hesitate to take up arms and stand once again."



Return To Arms


On April 2 2011, Blue Army intercepted an encrypted message from an unkown source to I GhostHammer I but due to electrical interference was unable to decode the message. Soon after on April 4 2011, Ghost was seen reactivating his position in Red Army as an enlisted solider and sending in his appication for a Classified R.E.D.D. unit. Rumors of an elite squad of Vetern soliders have surfaced which was where many believe I GhostHammer I is going as it appears he would be picking up his rifle once more to fight against the B.L.U.E. for the Empire.



Nightwish & The War



Soon after returning to R.E.D.D. Ghost was promoted to Sergeant and, under his old mentor RazGriz, became XO of the new Nightwish squad, a throwback of an old RvBR unit that included multiple war veterns from many past conflicts. Nightwish played for the majority of FCRV before being disband as R.E.D.D. began to rebuild it's high command and army structure. Being promoted to Lieutenant, Ghost was in the process of building an ODST Platoon when the war ended with a B.L.U.E. victory. Morale in shambles, R.E.D.D. High Command promoted Colonel EOD Eagle, who pormoted Ghost to the rank of Colonel. Putting the ODST Platoon on hold, he took the reins of Abbadon Battalion and started building up the unit for the next clash with the B.L.U.E. 


The Calm, The Storm, The Aftermath.



Forerunner Conflict enetered into a time of peace while the Forerunners took data from the previous war and worked to set-up and improve for a second conflict. Not a week before the peace treaty between the R.E.D.D. and B.L.U.E. expired, the calm ended and a violent storm hit. Deciding action needed to be taken, the Forerunners removed members of the R.E.D.D. High Command for failure to do their duties at an adequet level. In respnse to this drastic action, numerous R.E.D.D. Veterns announced their retirement in a protest to events happening with the Forerunners & High Command. Veteren after Veteren turned in their ranks for two days straight, as close to a dozen long time R.E.D.D. soliders left either the community, or resigned to a neutral position. Missing well over half of it's Officers and three quarters of it's High Command, R.E.D.D. sat decimated and running on skeletal crew. In response, after quick deliberation, the Forerunners asked I GhostHammer I to take the helm once more and prepare R.E.D.D. for the upcoming war under a week away. He accepted, and quickly went to work with his remaining Officers General EOD Eagle and Colonel BurningScarekrow to rebuild the R.E.D.D. Officer Core, fill in the ranks of the once mighty Leviathan Battalion, and promote a surge of new recruits into the R.E.D.D.



The End Of Peace


Only July 24 2011 at 7PM EST long lasting armstice ended and the Field Marshal's from both the R.E.D.D. (I GhostHammer I) and B.L.U.E. (Maxdoggy) met just outside of the Viery Plaza to discuss futher peace. The meeting soon turned south, and War was declared soon after the meeting started. Returning to their respective transports, both Field Marshal's returned to their HQ's to view the Warmaps and began the fight for Reach once more. After the first few battles, and some minor advances and retreats by both sides, the factions braced for what everyone knew would be a long conflict. Each side struggled for power, B.L.U.E. starting with an early Offensive push in the north, followed by a fast R.E.D.D. blitz through the center of the continent. Each faction called upons numerious soliders to both fight and die for their respective armies as the war raged on. A single battle for the territories of Zealot and Tritan would determin if the R.E.D.D. Empire could break the backbone of the B.L.U.E. forces on Reach, or if the rebels could stand and continue their defiance against the imperial juggernaut. Many chips sat on the table, and the winner of this major battle would find themselves well ahead in the war.



An Opportunity Missed; A Crippling Result


As B.L.U.E. forces attacked Tritan, the R.E.D.D. proceeded to attempt to cut off their retreat route, essentially wiping out a quarter of all B.L.U.E. forces on Reach. After a successful defense of Tritan, the B.L.U.E. were able to hold onto Zealot thus allowing their forces to retreat without harm, thus costing R.E.D.D. the chance to seriously cripple the B.L.U.E. and have a shot at ending the war early. Battles ensued, and frontlines pushed back and forth, but neither faction gained much ground as the war of attrition waged onwards untill the B.L.U.E. push. After many struggles, primarily in the territories of Tritan and Highlands, each faction looked to find more ways to gain the upper hand. After a series of quick B.L.U.E. attacks coupled with advanced training protocols within the rebel force, they successfully pushed the R.E.D.D. back another level, seriously hampering the Imperial war efforts as the Empire now, knocked back on it's heels and holding onto it's last line of defense before the inner territories, looks to take a stab in return with OPERATION PHALANX in the winter of 2011.



The Last Push; War's End


Gambling all their resources on OPERATION PHALANX during the winter of 2011, the R.E.D.D Empire pushed hard towards the B.L.U.E. capital with no avail. Piled with the promise of a long conflict pushing into the summer, and with rebel propaganda now spreading across the planet, the Empire threw everything they had in one last assault before being smashed back into their ranks bloody, tired, and losing soldiers. Realizing a continued conflict without major reinforcements would be futile, the Emperor's representative passed along the orders to Field Marshal GhostHammer to officially surrender to the B.L.U.E. leadership. After a short period of captivity, an elite team of R.E.D.D. special operations soldiers recovered the captured Field Marshal along with the R.E.D.D. High Command and other officers. They have not been seen since.



Rebirth Of A Juggernaut


As the victorious B.L.U.E. finished sweeping up the carnage and damage done by the conflict previous, Imperial Carriers prepared on Earth to re-assault Reach and take the planet back once and for all. New clippings have shown GhostHammer and his HC home safe days before a public announcement was made by the Field Marshal passing his rank off to the young Eagle to lead this next campaign against the rebels. Rumors have surfaced that GhostHammer may be moving higher in the Empire, possibly onto the Council of the Emperor as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.



Red Army Medal And Award System



During The Red vs Blue Wars Wars, Red Major General Cody S 117 was responsible for the creation and distribution of the "Red Army Medal And Award System" or "RAMASS". A running joke with a couple senior members of Red Army due to the abbreviated name, Cody S 117 took the job Very seriously and created not just the medals, but also userbars so the recipients could show off their achievements and awards to the entire community. Stats were also kept during the time "RAMASS" was active. Refusing help with the project, Cody S 117 quickly found his comfort zone and after battles, would send out numerous messages containing medal userbars and speech to the member concerning their achievement. As a promotion to Lieutenant General caused Cody S 117 to give up the "RAMASS", it was stored away and never heard from again.



Blue Army Achievment And Medal System



As Forerunner Conflict Reborn stood on the edge of another war, Cody S 117, a Blue General at the time, created and ran BAAAMS using old RAMASS data stored from many wars ago. Run almost identical in internal setup as the RAMASS system, new updates include the using of Battle Films, more in depth post game stats, and a new nomination system that Officers and Enlisted alike may use to nominate soliders they find deserving of a medal.



Project METEOR



Project METEOR is an Advanced Training Program created and started by War Vetern Cody S 117. The specifications of the program are currently classified. The project originated in Red, but was taken to Blue with Cody S 117 after he switched armies. Due to his change of roll upon joining Blue however, METEOR was never activated and thus the files remain in the possesion of I GhostHammer I. The materials contained in METEOR have yet to be de-classified.



19th Battalion



The 19th Battalion was created September 7th 2009 by Blue General Cody S 117. Based on new training techniques from the METEOR files, the 19th Battalion was created to be based majorly on teamwork, communication, and personal growth. Seeing action on many battlefields, the 19th quickly became one of the top forces in Blue Army during it's time. Dubbed the "Sky-Riders" due to their ODST attitude and battle techniques, many hostile forces learned to fear the battalion emblem.



REDD Imperial Medal System






Creative Writing And Signatures


Cody S 117 was heavily involved with the creative writing section of the War Forums throughout his career. Taking part in every RPG, and even starting to write some stories on the forums, he was one of the regular posters in the section along with Snackman90, Killadawg, and zZ Dr K Zz. The main force behind most of the RPG's, these three now War Veterens have the most experience on the forum boards when it comes to stories, RPG's, and all things creative writing. Currently, Cody S 117 is working on his story on the topic of a zombie world infection. The story has not yet been given a title.


As well as creative writing, Cody S 117 was involved in the graphics section on the forums. Having little experience to start, he soon flourished to become, as he would say, an alright sig artists with the help of his cousin, and expert sig maker, Killadawg. Still creating today, Cody S 117 is still learning new techniques and formats to further increase his knowledge and skill in the art of creating a sig. He one day hopes to be as good a his mentor Killadawg.

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